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Address by Chairman - "Dream, Pursue Excellence!"

Everyone should have ideals, dreams, and enterprises should also have spirit and vision. I firmly believe that as long as we can firmly believe, strive hard, and strive for the ideals in our hearts, & nbsp; will be able to achieve. < /span>

In the summer of 2004, we pointed to a lush corn field and said, "We are going to build a mould factory here." At that time, many people did not know what the mould was. From 2004 to 2017, Yuanlong Daren built our mould factory with 13 years of hard work, and built our mould factory more and more strong. < /span>

In the past 2017, we have made the following achievements:

From the governance structure, the Group has formed three main directions: Gezhi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. - Automobile Mould, Jilin Zhengxuan Frame Co., Ltd. - Automobile Lightweight Parts, Jilin Haiglis Automation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. - Intelligent Manufacturing, Technology Solution Platform; Gezhi Science and Technology Organization has completed the reform, innovated the development model, and completed the Yuanlongda tooling. The mergers and acquisitions of Yuanlong Da Mould have provided organizational guarantee for the future large-scale development of enterprises; Jilin Zhengxuan Frame Co., Ltd. has successfully completed its product strategic planning and organizational transformation, introduced professional managers, and walked out of the low ebb in the fierce competition; and Jilin Chengding Precision Casting Co., Ltd. has completed its infrastructure construction. < /span>

We have formally become a supplier of self-made parts and moulds for SAIC GM; we have successfully obtained the orders of FAW Volkswagen, SAIC GM Wuling, Changsha Cheetah and other customers'outer covering parts and moulds, and our company's moulds have gained a good reputation; overseas orders have exceeded the 100 million mark for two consecutive years, and for the first time we have received the overseas customer's outer covering parts and moulds orders; Heistap has become me after Bentler. The company's European market is another big customer; the most stringent German Bitfield factory in Heistemper's global system gives us the evaluation of the molds delivered by our company as "like Swiss clocks and watches".

Financially, the group's pre-tax profit in 2017 was 105% of the same period last year. The output value of mould and internal high pressure were 127% and 119% respectively.

In the future, we will realize the bright vision of "Gezhi Science and Technology to be a world-class automotive die and mould enterprise" according to "Blue Ocean Strategy with global vision, leading technology, high-end customers, strategic cooperation, professional products and multi-support"; and realize the development strategy of "Jilin" according to "facing the future, product, innovation mode, innovation process, strict management and strict cost control". Provincial Zhengxuan Frame Co., Ltd. is the world's leading supplier of lightweight automotive parts. According to the development strategy of "light assets, gathering talents, seeking direction and re-integration", we will realize the bright vision of "Jilin Haiglis Automation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. becoming an excellent platform for intelligent manufacturing and technical solutions".

We will continue to work together to achieve the listing of Gezhi Technologies in 2021, to achieve the goal of the five-year plan of enterprises with sales revenue exceeding 1.5 billion yuan in 2022, and to strive for the sustained growth of employees, society and shareholders'earnings. < /span>

Because the heart is full of sunshine, so the world is so brilliant! < /span>

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