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High strength steel
Brief Introduction of High Strength Steel Division

The High Strength Steel Division focuses on the development of moulds for longitudinal beams, B pillars, threshold and other parts. After years of experience, the maximum tensile strength can reach 1180 MPa. Accurate CAE analysis and calculation of springback compensation, after-fire finishing ensures the processing quality of moulds, professional processing technology ensures the interchangeability of moulds, saves maintenance costs and makes the maintenance of moulds more convenient.
Main customers of high strength steel business: Volkswagen, Great Wall, Cheetah, Ford, SAIC General Wuling, Jiangling, L& W, DTI, etc.
Representative Products: Front Longitudinal Beam, Back Longitudinal Beam, Cross Beam, Anti-Collision Beam, Side Beam, B Column, Threshold, etc.

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