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Brief Introduction of Thermoforming Division

Thermal forming Department has more than 50 sets of hot forming die with annual capacity. Up to now, more than 30 kinds of hot forming parts have been developed. All the hot forming products of automobile body have developed experience, and many deep hole drilling equipments have saved time for the development of die steel channel. Rich experience in hot forming die development, design and manufacture of hot forming die for continuous variable cross-section plate, which makes it possible to lighten automobile; complete series of production lines verify the stability of die production.
Main customers: FAW, Ford, Jianghuai, Changan, FAW, BYD, Huachen, Mast, etc.
Representative products: ABC column, middle passage, floor reinforcement board, front and rear longitudinal beam, baffle, anti-collision beam, side wall, front and rear bumpers, TRB, patch board.

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