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Introduction of Inspection Tools Division

The Inspection Tools Division has a 60-day production and development cycle, including design, wool procurement, processing, assembly and commissioning. The design is located in Changchun Branch and Liaoyuan Headquarters. Over the years, the company has won high praise from the industry partners. We have many core technical ability experts and high-end talents, including more than 12 years'experience in the field of inspection tools and 15 years' experience in the field of CMM scaffolding. Rich experience in the development of inspection tools, fixtures, and various types of support makes quality testing easier and more convenient. At the same time, we cooperate with many well-known enterprises all over the world, which makes us always follow the lead in the world.
Main customers: Global Bentler, Global Heistenberg, Ford, Volkswagen, General Motors, L& W, DTI, etc.

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