Mold Manufacturing
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History of Enterprise Development


In 2004, the company was first built, the first processing equipment, the first commissioning equipment;

In 2005, commissioning equipment was added.

In 2006, the company's first workshop expansion;

In 2007, more stamping workshops were added.

In 2008, we have our own first large-scale production line, the expansion of mould workshop;

In 2009, stamping workshop expansion;

In 2010, the expansion of die workshop and stamping workshop completed the addition of laser cutting equipment.

In 2011, the construction of the technology center was completed.

In 2012, the moulds commissioning plant on the mountain was built.

In 2013, the company built its own gymnasium.

In 2014, Zhengxuan Frame Factory was built in the new factory area.

In 2015, the company completed the manufacture of 4000 tons of press;

In 2016, the expansion of the old factory area was completed.

In 2017, the construction of Zhengxuan factory in Haining was completed.

In 2018, Chengding Precision Casting Plant was built.

In the future, we are inspired to build Gezhi Industrial Park